The Role of Art in the Pandemic Period

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The Role of Art in the Pandemic Period

When pandemics hit a country or the entire world like Covid-19, most people have no other option but to rethink what they define as normal. Sadly, it almost always has to take adversity to wake people from the dormancy of routine. Thankfully, art has ever had a way of cushioning the situation.

The Sense of Inner Freedom

Aside from what art can do when shared, the creative individual always experiences first-hand benefits. Art, in itself, is an expressive undertaking, and there is so much freedom that comes with releasing how one feels through art. When this happens authentically, the inner freedom expressed transforms other souls across the globe who relate to the created piece. In dark times, art becomes a place where one can still find their inner solace.

A Call for Unity

There is often a lot to capture when normal and comfort find unforeseen disruptions. When different artists come together to bring their distinct versions of such captions, people get a sense of awe and some kind of relativity. A good example is the ‘Life During Wartime Art in the Age of Coronavirus’. The platform raised by the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum encourages artists from all over the world to showcase their captions online, thus bringing different cultures together.

The Memories Live On

In many cases, if it were not for various artists, people would not have anything to show for what they went through during a pandemic. We can tell of troubling times accurately thanks to the images captured at the time and the paints that found their way to different exhibitions. Museums hold such art with high value because they store the memories of ancient human experiences that shaped the types of community we have today.

To Wrap It Up

While you will not always have the words to tell a tale accurately, a simple carving or drawing can express what words cannot speak. This is the lasting glory of art, especially during pandemics and hard times.


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