Exhibiting Art in the Digital Age

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Exhibiting Art in the Digital Age

2020 is a year that has forced most sectors of life to re-adjust how they operate. The occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to periods of cessation of movement and restructuring where activities have been able to resume. The art world has been particularly affected given most places where art is to be found involve bringing many people together.

Many art exhibitions had to be canceled in 2020. This has caused a need to innovate in order to keep the industry alive. Thankfully, digital technology has made it possible for artists to keep displaying their work to clients and lovers of art. These are technologies that, if used correctly, may revolutionize how art is consumed worldwide.

Online Art Galleries

With many people having to spend many days at home, they have had a chance to reflect and discover their real passion. Art has been a great benefactor of this reflection. Artists can now display their work virtually on various platforms.

As an artist, you can opt to display your work individually or join a shared platform. Whatever platform you choose, it is important to package your art well. Do not just dump your work on the platform and expect people to enjoy it. Creative ideas like using free intro music in a video compilation can make you stand out. With background music, the attention of viewers is grabbed and retained better. The music also provokes them to interpret your art more deeply.

Setting up an art blog is also a productive way of online exhibition. Instead of just putting up your images, you use them to tell stories. Picking up trending concerns attracts more people to your art. For instance, people who rode the Black Lives Matter wave in mid-2020 had a huge audience for their work.

As you enter the digital exhibition space, always remember it is crowded; look for ways to stand out!


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